Talks & Events:

At the Serenity library we host talks and events on subjects of nature, environment, wildlife, conservation, biodiversity, renewable resources, water and waste management. Such talks and events are delivered or conducted by eminent naturalists, wildlife photographers, conservationists, environmentalists etc., from all over the country on various subjects related to nature & conservation and share years of their experiences and knowledge with conservation enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Student Educational Programmes:

We conduct nature walks, birding trails, botany trails, with school children and staff of educational institutions. This helps to develop interest in the importance of nature conservation and cultivates love and respect for nature in young minds which may help them in future to divert their efforts in the most needed field of nature and environment conservation.

Camping Activities:

In order to imbibe love and respect for nature and environment, the Serenity library has collaborated with an expert camping organization for conducing night camps in the natural surroundings of the Serenity library premises for students. Such initiatives help in developing a proper understanding of nature and environment in a student.